Titan Peelers - Made an unauthorized debit to my account.

Madison, Wisconsin 2 comments
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I went to the web side and was going to order the Titan Peelers.When I seen how much the shipping amd handleing was I decided not to.

I did not confirm or submit my order, I received an email thanking me for my order. I have emailed and called to cancel this and tell them that I did not order it. They said that they would refund them if I sent them back but I would be responsible for $16.00 shipping and handleing.

This is why I didn't order in the first place.This is a scam.

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The same thing happened to me.Luckily I used my American Express.

They were very helpful and cancelled my order including shipping.See it pays to be a member


You're right, can be quite frustrating.

Order is processed before any confirmation.

Finally, I just picked up the phone, waited bravely (was told to expect a 10-minute wait on a long distance call), and lucky enough to talk to someone who cancelled my order.

I understand why my wife doesn't let me answer the door or watch infomercials, I'm such a sucker ;)

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